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Starlight Threads is a series of works on paper working with gradients created from image recognition code created to analyse the colour of starlight. I combine the gradients from starlight with threads exploring form and colour to further add the colours of the cosmos.


This piece has been created from the light found in the constellation Cygnus or the Swan. 


Details of the piece
Each Starlight Thread is an original piece, embroidered by hand by me in my studio.
Digital print on Cold pressed watercolour paper with Thread.
The watercolour paper is 300gsm and has a light/medium texture.
The diameter of the circle is just under 23cm (around 22.8cm) which leaves around 2.5 cm of space from the circle to the edge of the paper for mounting etc.



This work is framed in a white box frame with a floating foam core mount with Art Glass/Conservation which will ensure the longevity of the artwork. 


I am happy to work on commission.
If you have a particular constellation you would like me to work with I can create a bespoke work.
I can create larger or smaller works depending on your space.
Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.


Terms and conditions: 

Please refer to my full artist sales terms and conditions before any sales. 

Starlight Threads - Cygnus no.2

  • Each piece is treated with UV protection but please keep out of direct sunlight.
    Each piece has been secured with archival acid-free glue to ensure the threads stay in place.
    Handle with care and avoid handling the piece without gloves on.

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