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Inmarsat boardroom installition Feb 2024

In November 2023 I was commissioned by Acrylicize to create bespoke artwork for Viasat's (formally Inmarsat) brand-new boardroom at their new base of operations 50 Finsbury Square, London.  Viasat is a world-leading, innovation-led satellite communications company famous for keeping people, industries and governments connected and safe since 1979. 
All the works I created were inspired by and created with the help of Viasat's staff and engineers, and then installed in February 2024 on a 13.5-metre length wall in the boardroom.  


Mixed media and Embroidery on Printed Canvas 

100cm/150cm x2

These two artworks are inspired by the orbital schematics and visualizations detailing the precise positioning of Inmarsat satellites throughout their journey from take-off to deployment. Drawing inspiration from graphic scores which is a method of visualizing music beyond traditional sheet music, these pieces capture the essence of the satellite's trajectory. 

The shapes and colours used in the work are directly influenced by the schematics and simulations of the satellite's passage through Earth's atmosphere, culminating in its ultimate destination.


Embroidery on custom-printed fabric 


These pieces are a collection of embroidery studies inspired by how Inmarsat's satellites stay on course. Each intricate satellite relies on space orientation to uphold its orbit, resulting in some beautifully complex star trail images captured by an onboard camera. This collection of works pays homage to the historical significance of stars in guiding the human race across the Earth—an ancient practice that persists in our navigation methods today.


Embroidery on Archival Print 

Framed  70cm/100cm x3

These three paper artworks draw inspiration from the hexagonal map systems employed by Inmarsat for global visualization and navigation. The hexagons featured in the pieces are a direct reflection of Inmarsat's use of this shape to divide the Earth into sections. The use of embroidery strings serves to connect these hexagonal shapes, which creates a feeling of an interconnected map system.

The colour palette in these pieces is part of an ongoing exploration into the colour of starlight. Using AI coding techniques to identify the colours present in the night sky and translate them into digital colour files. These pieces link three together colour, the stars, and the Earth. 

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