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This graphic score is based on the work of Dr Cecilia Payne, the astronomer who discovered what the stars are made of. This piece of work is made by combining the emission spectra of our sun which tells us what elements any star is made of including our own. The video below is a performance by Aimee Truesdale on violin responding to the graphic score. I worked with Aimee to read the score according to the wavelengths of light contained in the piece, faster for blues and slower for reds. 

Some of my faves from _lumen_london Thro


The Neutron Star Song Cycle is a graphic notation created from the sounds of Radio Pulsars composing of three mixed media pieces. 

When the transmissions from these objects are combined a kind of melody of the universe is created. These graphic scores were created directly from the data provided by these deep space objects to be responded to by musicians to further add to the melody of the cosmos.

Performed by Natasha Elliott (Mezzo-Soprano) and Aimee Truesdale (Violin) 

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