Based on my work looking a the colour of startlight my Space Craft series of works combines data and craft in the form of emberidery. 

Each hoop is emberidered by hand on custom printed velvet which is printed from one of my images of the night sky. Each thread is matched with the colours found in each point of light on the fabric. 


Orange cluster includes colours from the contellation Delphenus 


Each piece is unique and is signed 

sizes of pieces: 

1 x 30cm (12 inches)

1x18 cm (8 inches)

1 x 19cm (7inches)

1x 13cm (5 inches)


For more info on the piece please get in touch with

Space Craft - Orange Cluster

  • Please keep out of direct sunlight 

    The pieces are delate and quite fragile so please handle with care

  • Postage within the UK

    All works are sent via Royal Mail tracked and should arrive no more then 48 after dispatch 

    Shipping outside of the UK 

    If your address is outside of the UK I will be in touch with a bespoke shipping quote via e-mail. If you have any questions regarding this policy please e-mail me