The Colour of Starlight

An exhibition exploring starlight by Hannah Pratt and Kira Phoenix K'inan

44 Hallam Street, W1W 6JJ - March to December 2020

This exhibition represents the first in series of collaborations between myself and Kira Phoenix K'inan, together we have used our love of astronomy and stars to respond to the colours found in starlight.

For Colour of Starlight, Kira has focused on developing a new series of framed glass work and drawings that explore the colour and forms of Spectral Stars. Where possible Kira has used glass that contains the same oxides as the Spectral Stars. Kira has also produced a large range of drawings exploring the spaces and colours of the chemical reaction within the stars themselves.

I have been working with image recognition code to analyse the colour of the stars in my photography to create a brand new body of work responding the cosmos. I have created a series of new prints exploring the colours found in the stars by representing the colour as a gradient, I have also created a set of embroidery pieces whos threads correlate to the colours found in the colour recognition code.

Due to the current lockdown 44 Hallam Street is currently closed to the public however the show is running until December 2020. Kira and I are hoping to host future events if applicable once the lockdown is no longer in effect.

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