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Starlight Threads - Draco and Hercules 

Starlight Threads is a series of works on paper working with gradients created from image recognition code and AI created to analyse the colour of starlight. I combine the gradients from starlight with threads exploring form and colour to further explore the colours of the cosmos.

Hannah Pratt - Draco and Hercules - Thread and Digital Print on Paper_edited.jpg

Starlight Threads - Draco and Hercules Digital Print and Embroidery Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper 300gsm 50/70cm

I used AI to pick out and combine the pixels in every speck of light in a high res image of the night sky

The algorithm was programmed to cancel out the “halo” around the star in order the get the best estimation of the colours found in the starlight. These were then converted into RPG files to be used in many formats including prints and light-based works.

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