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Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 22.53.25.png

At the beginning of this year, my work was launched into space! 
My work was laser etched onto the side panels of one of Planet’s Super Dove Satellites which was then put through weeks of assembly and testing in their San Francisco clean room and then shipped to the launch facility in Florida, USA.  It then was stored at the  Space X launch complex for launch on 13/01/2022 at 3:25. 


Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 19.51_edited.jpg

The deployment of the Super Dove means my work is now part of Planet's Art in Space Gallery, an orbiting gallery containing works from artists all over the globe. I submitted work which was inspired by how stars move in space so seeing the design on a satellite and having it be launched into space was a wonderful feeling. I worked closely with the brief which stipulated that the design could only take up 20% of the reflector panel of the Dove or the panel would not function correctly.  

Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 19.50_edited.jpg

My Super Dove was included on a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket which was the 3rd dedicated SmallSat Rideshare Program along with 40 other pieces of Planet tech to be deployed in the atmosphere. This was also the 10th launch and landing of the Flacon 9 rockets which are revolutionising space travel.
You can check out the launch here

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